Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar-Panels are an expensive but excellent investment. However, they are not self-cleaning!

They soon become dirty and dusty due to the wind, rain and other pollutants, such as pollen and bird droppings.

Without regular cleaning, your solar power output will greatly reduce, basically they won’t produce the power you’ve paid for = less profit in your pocket!!

In order to maximise the return on your investment, the Solar-Panels need to produce their optimum power output, in other words…..regular cleaning!

To clean your solar panels, we use pure de-ironised water (chemical & streak-free) through a telescopic, carbon fibre ‘water-fed pole’ with a super soft, non-scratch brush attached.

Results are immediately visible…….not just on your roof but more importantly, where it counts, in your pocket!!

Maximise the PROFIT in your pocket!