Window Frame & Door Cleaning

Although PVC Window Frames and Doors are sold as  ‘Maintenance Free’  they’re far from that!

Weather, road traffic pollution and even the window cleaner (by not wiping dirty water off the sills) soon turn your once pristine white frames to a grubby grey colour.

“PVC Clean” can restore that ‘just-installed’ or ‘new-look’ finish to your window frames and doors, giving your property ‘kerb-appeal’ again, by using specially formulated creams, solvents, polishes and plenty of elbow grease!!

Although we do clean and polish the glass, as part of the process, we don’t offer a regular window cleaning service, so would recommend you continue to use your existing window cleaner. Just remember to tell them to wipe their dirty water off your sills and also use ladder mitts to prevent scratching them!

Don’t replace your tired, grey looking Window Frames…….REVIVE them!!